The Refugium is located 10 minutes outside the picturesque seaside village of Gilleleje. Those flying in will arrive in Copenhagen Kastrup Airport which is approximately 1 hour away from Gilleleje.

Once in Copenhagen you have 2 options to get to The Refugium at Gilleleje:

Option 1: Train/Bus

Denmark has among the cleanest and most convenient train systems in the world. The trip from Copenhagen Airport to Refugium is completed in about 2 hours and takes three simple transfers and a 5 minute walk from where the bus drops you off to the Refugium. This train/bus route is the most economical, costing 20USD.

Option 2: Taxi or Hired Car

During past retreats some students have coordinated together to cover the costs of a shared taxi or hired car – driving them directly from the airport to Refugium.

If you wish to arrive and take an airport taxi alone directly to Refugium, expect it to cost between 250-280USD.