Introduction to Yoga & Ayurveda

October 12-15, 2019 Gilleleje, Denmark – Refugium Smidstrup Strand, Sankt Lukas Stiftelsen


Do I Need To Bring My Own Yoga Props?

Yes, there is very limited supply at the Refugium so we ask that you bring all props necessary for your time with us.

Are There Options For Upgrading My Room?

No. However the Refugium is equipped with 2 double rooms and 2 handicap accessible cottages. Please email us for more details.

What will the weather be like during this retreat?

Danish weather is notorious for its rapidly changing and unpredictable nature. Prepare for any and all weather conditions, including preparing for wind, close-to-zerotemperatures, or even some warm and sunny beach weather if you’re lucky.

How large is the practice space?

The practice space was made to fit a group of 30 – so it’s plenty large enough for our group of 23 to enjoy the space and the gorgeous view of the coastline as we practice.

Do I have to bring any books, mantra books, etc with me to this retreat?

As we commonly will start our days with Mantra Sadhana, it’s good to bring your own mantra/invocation books from home. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras invocation booklet, the blue invocation booklet (from Vidya Institute) and Chandi Path are favorites so please bring along. In case you do not have one or more of these there will be someone you can share with there, or you might want to order them before coming.

Are rooms equipped with wifi?

Yes, rooms have wifi with more than sufficient speed for typical use.

When are the meal times?

8am –Breakfast
12 –Lunch
6 –Dinner

There are also mid-day breaks where tea, coffee, Danish cakes, and other deserts are brought into the teaching room. There’s fresh fruit, water, and tea available throughout the day.

Will there be vegetarian food options?

Yes, there’s a choice of vegetarian food, cooked the Nordic traditional wayby the chefs from one of the finest restaurants in town. The meals are a true culinary delight, whether you decide on the vegetarian or vegetarian with fish option.

Will there be vegan food options?

There is not a choice of vegan food, but the selection is so great that if you specify an allergy to milk products there will still be plenty of choices for you. Students with allergies were amazed at the way in which the selection was so rich.