Yoga & Ayurveda for Stress Management

October 16-20, 2019 Gilleleje, Denmark – Refugium Smidstrup Strand, Sankt Lukas Stiftelsen


One thing that’s made our past retreats so special was that we took an individualized approach to our curriculum and teaching. In practical terms, this means we’ve set a plan for what we’d like to cover during this retreat, but are always open to be spontaneous in how the individual days are laid out – the retreats follow this “creative itinerary” rather than something rigid that takes away from the enjoyment of the entire experience.

Every retreat group we work with is unique; we realized a long timeago that attuning the teachings as much as possible to those who come,tailoring the Sadhanas and theoretical teachings based on the individual, keeps things nourishing and more understandable.

A special part of these retreats is the atmosphere of immersion in the teachings and social environment together. We always look to find the right balance, allowing room for walks on the beach, meals together, while still allowing longer than normal days of teaching and practice when it makes the most sense to do so.

A Brief Overview Of What To Expect

“The body and mind are beginning to pull each other in opposite directions, dissipating our energy. We do not know how to recharge our batteries of energy.” – BKS Iyengar

There is an epidemic of suffering from stress and anxiety disorders. It wasn’t always this way; it’s come with this new, technological and competitive era. Achieving professional goals has been given increasing priority, as people forget about the ramifications their lifestyles have for their mental & physical health.

It is here where Ayurveda & Yoga provide a unique opportunity – both as a curative science and as a powerful preventative measure against the hardships our modern lifestylescan have on our bodies.

Understanding how, begins inside an ancient Vedic text that’s over 3000 years old – The Taittiriya Upanishad.

The scripture speaks of five ‘Koshas’ that surround and embody our Self or Spirit. In order to reach ideal health, we need to pierce these five layers – the physical, vital, emotional, mental, and blissful – this helps us find our way back to a state of inner peace and balance. In this workshop we’ll explore this perennial text, as well as other relevant Yoga Upanishads which lay out our subtle anatomy, including the five pranas, solar and lunar channels, and more. As these are relevant to the study of Ayurveda’s more subtle works, we’ll explore those in tandem.

Today, modern research has finally confirmed these critical links between the serenity of the mind and the stability of our bodies. This helps us make the most of the daily and seasonal routines which Ayurveda recommends. We will cover many of these Ayurvedic routines to relieve mental tension, including:

– Spices, Herbs, & Holistic Remedies That Will Help You Prevent & Manage Every Day Stress

– How To Use Ayurveda Alongside Yogic Sadhanas of Mantras, Meditation, and Dreamwork ToHelp You Live AHealthier Life (as well as helping to cultivate intuition and build resilience against stress and life’s challenges)

– The Vedic Methodologies Behind Health-RestoringEating (and how to tailor these metholods to your individual constitution)

– Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Lifestyle To Help Relieve Stress (Sleep cycle optimization, certain types of yoga, etc)

– Practical Advice and Ayurvedic Methods That Will Help You Make The Most Of Your Daily Practice

– The Small Changes The Weather & Seasons Produce In Your Body (and how you can adjust your diet accordingly)

– Understanding Ayurvedic Therapies and Which Will Have The Greatest Benefit For Your Individual Mind (Ayurvedic Massage & Shirodhara for example)

There arecountless bodies of evidence which demonstrate that psychosomatic disorders can be prevented, and even cured, with the proper utilization of Yoga & Ayurveda – but knowledge and modern research, alone,aren’t enough for us to attain a state of mental bliss. During this retreat, we’re setting out to provide you with the right combination of knowledge, methods, and a deeper understanding of how you can actually use what you’ve learned in your life after the retreat, without feeling lost in a state of information overload.